Angelina Aleksandrovich

RD Land

Angelina is a Founder, CEO & Creative Director of RD Land - webXR metaverse platform for progressive entertainment & virtual relationships in Web 3.0.

Futurist and transhumanist with a background in sculpture, performance art, digital design and sustainability, Angelina specializes in creative storytelling through immersive Extended Reality(XR) tech.

Prior to RD Land, Angelina worked with many global brands incl. Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Dove, SXSW, Mars, EXPO 2020 and more, on a variety of award-winning high-profile productions where she designed and directed interactive XR activations.

In 2019 Angelina founded Raspberry Dream Labs (RDL) - a research collective investigating the potential of humans' multi-sensory capacity through academic research and immersive XR experiences to improve the relationship people have with their own sexuality, themselves, and others. After publishing 'Shared multisensory sexual arousal in virtual reality (VR) environments' paper in De Gruyter, 2020, RDL hosted over 30+ IRL & VR events, including world's 1st Burning Man in VR to educate and empower the community about the future of technology and human intimacy. This has led to the ideation of RD Land platform in the late 2020 followed by the Closed Alpha launch in summer 2021.

Angelina’s work as mentioned at various publications incl. BBC, Reuters, Business Insider, Forbes, Sifted and more, & documentary film ‘Tomorrow Unlocked’, alongside Nick Bostrom. Angelina is a thought leaderb and an often keynote & panel discussion speaker at the events and conferences, discussing the future of XR, sensory technologies, blockchain, robotics, human relationships, sex and intimacy.

9:30am - 10:00am EST

5th Annual Virtual Reality Day (-5 GMT) Saturday - November 20th

Multi-Sensory XR