Anne McKinnon


Anne McKinnon is cofounder and COO of Ristband, your multiplayer concert platform. Prior to Ristband, Anne founded her own tech blog where she reported and continues to write as a journalist on the current state of deep tech. She travels the world, seeing the most cutting-edge breakthroughs in art, technology, and media, interviewing leading executives, bootstrapped startups, artists, and engineers to build an accurate picture of the immersive technology ecosystem, and where it may end up. Anne is also an editor and contributor to Forbes writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. She hosts global conference sessions and seminars across gaming & esports, startups, music, and tech, and supports her clients through growth and acquisition.

7:30am - 8:00am EST

5th Annual Virtual Reality Day (-5 GMT) Saturday - November 20th

Synthetic Realities: Blending Live Performance with Game Design