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John MacLeod is the executive director of XRLibraries, a leading company integrating XR technology in libraries and schools. Over the last four years he has worked with state and local libraries to implement strategies for deploying augmented, virtual and 360 vr technology and programs. Over 200 VR systems have been installed in underserved libraries in California and Nevada, making this the largest VR installation in public library networks. He is a partner in Nevada State Library’s Career Pathways Program providing the College of Southern Nevada the first-in-the-world dialysis technician training using 3D and virtual reality. He continues to build a national clearinghouse for libraries to share best practices in the use of XR technologies in libraries.

XRLibraries provides end-to-end solutions for deploying and integrating Virtual, Augmented and Mixed (XR) technologies and programs in libraries and schools. Our goal is to enable equitable access to immersive technologies for all communities.

Featreed Project: A Way Out of No Way: The Marinship Project of Marin City: 1942-1945

Understanding diversity, equity and social justice is enhanced by personally experiencing implicit biases. A Way out of No Way makes a community's “lost stories” come alive in a personal way. XR learning allows students to experience studies in an immersive environment where research has proven higher retention rates for learning. The tools for creating XR are available to create immersive experiences. A Way Out Of No Way provided XR Core Craft skills in a culturally relevant project examining diversity and equity. Students created multi-media experiences telling the stories of Marin City’ African-American workers in the Marin Shipyards during WWII. The project had three separate tracks; Immersive Storytelling, Music, and VR modeling. The students, known as the Marinovators created a musical tribute to the Black workers, along with a VR experience of the Shipyard and living in Marin City during WWII.

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6:00pm - 6:30pm EST

5th Annual Virtual Reality Day (-5 GMT) Saturday - November 20th

A Way Out Of No Way