Sándor Erdős


Every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer in the USA. These children must cope with long-term hospitalization and the side effects of chemotherapy. The words which describe their feelings are pain, anxiety, and depression. These affect their wellbeing and slow down their recovery. We have been studying the feasibility of VR in pediatric oncology patients in Hungary since 2017. After a long research phase, we developed a specific VR videogame, which can maximize the wanted effects of virtual reality. With the OncoVR adventure game, we would like to revolutionize the days in hospital. Our method can support these children's coping mechanisms and distract current mental and physical problems thus, their wellbeing can be improved. OncoVR game is used by psychology in 8 pediatric centers in Hungary and Romania. Our aim is that game will be an officially acceptable therapeutic method in Europe.